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The Story Behind Mothering Sunday and Mothers Day

We all know we love our Mums, Moms and Mummys every day of the year, but the annual focus on all Mothers in the UK and Ireland is fast approaching with Mothering Sunday on the 26th March this year. (As we will explain, other countries celebrate on different dates throughout May.) We were investigating where Mothering Sunday evolved from and we have found some interesting facts and stories … have…

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How 16 messages for a child as she grows can help you live a better life

While we can complete journals for our children’s journey to date, what can we leave our children for their future should we suddenly depart? Helen Stephens ponders… For those who watch the BBC series “Call the Midwife” I couldn’t help to be moved by the last episode of the latest series, which saw Sister Evangelina pass away peacefully. However, it wasn’t just this scene that resonated with me, it was…

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