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7 outdoor family activities to awaken your senses

As the Wildlife Trusts prepare to launch their 30 Days Wild campaign to get us all outside soaking up the freshness of Spring, we’ve chosen our top picks of simple ideas to get you and your family excited about the outdoors, using all of your senses… 1. Go on a sound safari Explore all the sounds of your neighbourhood by organising a sound safari. From sirens, wind, planes and diggers,…

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How to build your own storytelling empire

Except for a fortuitous few, writers used to tell tales of desperation and poverty as they clawed their way up the greasy ladder to become a published author. Kerri Littlefield considers how things have changed. Enter ‘The Storyteller’… With the London Book Fair celebrating it’s 45 year anniversary this week, it’s astonishing to reflect on how the book industry has changed over the years. In the olden days of publishing…

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How 16 messages for a child as she grows can help you live a better life

While we can complete journals for our children’s journey to date, what can we leave our children for their future should we suddenly depart? Helen Stephens ponders… For those who watch the BBC series “Call the Midwife” I couldn’t help to be moved by the last episode of the latest series, which saw Sister Evangelina pass away peacefully. However, it wasn’t just this scene that resonated with me, it was…

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6 reasons why mother was right about teenage skinny dipping

Research* shows that teenagers’ happiness (girls’ in particular) plummets as they reach the teenage years. So, what advice would you offer your teenage self to get through those rollercoaster years? Kerri Littlefield has a go…. As my daughter reached 13 I started to see more of myself in her. The good bits, the bad bits. I also started to remember how tough it is to be a teenager and how…

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Things about eating a dandelion your kids don’t want you to know

What’s your earliest childhood memory? According to scientists*, childhood memories from aged 0-3 years old are lost forever once the child reaches seven years old. Interesting, but how do we know a memory is our ‘earliest’? How do we choose which memories to keep? And what have dandelions got to do with it?! As Spring emerges and I’m feeling more in touch with nature, I’m mindful of family summers passed.…

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